A Brief Introduction to popGaia

popGaia is a unique platform for structural reforms to Gaia Online. 'pop' stands for "People Over Procedures".

The purpose of popGaia is to:

  • Inform & educate users what their rights on Gaia are or lack thereof
  • Detail specific structural reforms for Gaia adminstrative attention
  • Provide banned users assistance and guides to have successful appeals

This site is intended, but not limited to, the following audiences:

  • Returning Gaia Online users and/or longtime users
  • Gaia administrative staff
  • Gaia moderators, particularly those in training
  • 'Unfairly' banned users

popGaia is not a platform for opinion pieces and editorial content.

popGaia is managed by Luc who is the managing editor of sister-site and affiliate, Gaians United.

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About Luc

popGaia Lead, Managing Editor of Gaians United, Gaian Since 2004